Scholarships (EU students)

The Graduate School of Humanities offers three scholarships for three excellent students from the Netherlands and other EU countries:
1. Humanities Connected Scholarship
Offered by the VU Graduate School of Humanities
2. Digital Humanities Scholarship
Offered by VU Network Institute
3. Environmental Humanities Scholarship
Offered by VU CLUE+ Research Institute for Culture, History and Heritage

The Humanities scholarship consists of a tuition fee waiver for one year of your Humanities Research Master program. These scholarships do not provide any additional allowance towards study or living costs. Application date: before June 25, 2017.

The Graduate School of Humanities Scholarship Programme (GSH-­‐SP) offers talented prospective Dutch and European Union students unique support to pursue a Research Master’s degree at the Faculty of Humanities of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. All applications received by June 25, 2017 will be reviewed by the Graduate School of Humanities, and members of CLUE and Network Institute. The award is based on a motivation letter, the quality of previous education and the student’s academic performance therein. A scholarship offer will be made to successful candidates.

Eligible candidates
The VU Humanities Research Master scholarships are for strongly motivated students with excellent study results. Eligible candidates must be able to prove their academic excellence, and they must have enrolled for the Humanities Research Master programme of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
Students from outside the EU are not eligible for admission: they can apply for the VU Fellowship programme.

The GSH scholarship is a tuition fee waiver. GSH scholarship does not provide any additional
allowance towards study or living costs.

Application procedure

1. Register for Master’s programme
Students register for the Humanities Research Master’s programme. Enrollment is done through one of the four specializations:

Humanities Research: Linguistics
Humanities Research: Global History
Humanities Research: Critical Studies in Art and Culture
Humanities Research: Literature & Contested Spaces

Please follow the guidelines for enrollment on these specialization websites.

2. Submit application for the GSH Scholarship:
For GSH Scholarship application 3 documents are required:
A. Transcript of records: a certified list of the academic results obtained to date
(qualifications and lists of grades).
B. Motivation Letter
Write a strong motivation letter in which you explain your motivation for the application.
Please indicate:
• What scholarship you apply for: Humanities, Digital Humanities, Environmental Humanities.
• Why do you want to study this specific programme / topic? Please also integrate your first ideas about how you envision your study programme.
• What do you aspire after your degree?
• Why do you deserve the scholarship?
Do not hesitate to mention other motivations as well, we like own initiative!
C. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Send in the documents to the VU Graduate School of Humanities:

3. Decision
The Committee decides which students will be offered a scholarship. The Committee makes a merit based selection.

4. Results
All students will receive a notification that their application has been received and, 4 weeks after the deadline, an e-­‐mail informing them of the scholarships Committee’s decision concerning their application. Expected date of final decision: July 10, 2017.

5. Acceptance of GSH scholarship
Selected candidates accept/decline the scholarship offer through email before July 15 2017.

For pressing questions regarding the GSH scholarship, please send an email to: