Antske Fokkens, Researcher
Dr. Antske Fokkens
Senior Researcher
Email: antske [dot] fokkens [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Stereotyping & Perspectives, Bias & Methodology, Digital Humanities, Grammar Engineering
Courses: Machine Learning for NLP, Text Mining for Digital Humanities and Social Science, NLP Technology
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Prof. dr. Piek Vossen
Full Professor
Email: piek [dot] vossen [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: AI & Language, Computational Lexicon, Computational Semantics & Pragmatics, Event Extraction and Modeling, Linguistic Long Tail, Reference, Perspectives
Courses: Core Course Linguistic Research Projects, Language, Media and Communication, Text Mining. Lectures: Computational Lexicon, Connected World (PPE), Data Journalism, Data Mining, Digital Humanities, NLP Toolkits, Subjectivity

Hennie van der Vliet
Dr. Hennie van der Vliet
Email: h [dot] d [dot] vander [dot] vliet [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: (Lexical) Semantics, Lexicology, Terminology, Term Extraction, Corpus Linguistics
Courses: BA: Introduction in Linguistics, Working with Linguistic Data, Syntax, Semantics, Data Journalism
MA: Technical Translation, The Computational Lexicon
Roser Morante
Dr. Roser Morante Vallejo
Senior Researcher
Email: r [dot] morantevallejo [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Computational Semantics, Information Extraction, Subjectivity Mining, Attribution, Factuality, Negation, Perspectives
Courses: NLP Technology, Subjectivity Mining, Forensic Linguistics (Authorship Attribution)

Filip Ilievski, PhD Student
Filip Ilievski, MSc
PhD Student
Email: f [dot] ilievski [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Semantics, Pragmatics, Linguistic Long Tail, Knowledge Extraction, Semantic Web, Profiling
Courses: Python for Text Analysis
Isa Maks, Researcher
Dr. Isa Maks
Email: isa [dot] maks [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas:

Minh Ngoc Lê, MSc
Minh Ngoc Lê, MSc
PhD Student
Email: m [dot] n [dot] le [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, Error Propagation, Coreference Resolution
Courses: Machine Learning, NLP Toolkits

Roxane Segers
Roxane Segers, MA
Email: r [dot] h [dot] segers [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Ontologies, Event Modeling, Verb Semantics, Lexical Semantics, Lexicons
Courses: Ontologies and the Lexicon (Lecture)
Marten Postma, PhD student
Marten Postma, MA
PhD Student
Email: m [dot] c [dot] postma [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Semantics, Word Sense Disambiguation, Linguistic Long Tail, Error analysis, Evaluation
Courses: Python for Text Analysis

Chantal van Son
Chantal van Son, MA
PhD Student
University Research Fellow 2014-2015
Email: c [dot] m [dot] van [dot] son [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Text Mining, Machine Learning, Digital Humanities, Subjectivity Mining, Perspectives, Factuality, Negation, Focus, Information Structure
Courses: Python for Text Analysis, Programming for Humanities & Social Sciences
Pia Sommerauer
Pia Sommerauer, MA
PhD Student
University Research Fellow 2016-2017
Email: p [dot] j [dot] m [dot] sommerauer [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Distributional Semantics, Distributional Semantic Models, Polysemy, Meaning Change, Concept Drift

Lenka Bajčetić
Lenka Bajčetić
University Research Fellow 2017-2018
Email: [at]
Research areas: Make robots talk
Selene Báez Santamaría University Research Fellow 2017-2018
Selene Báez Santamaría
University Research Fellow 2017-2018
Email: [at]
Research areas: Make robots talk

Drs. Selene Kolman
Project Manager
Email: s [dot] j [dot] j [dot] kolman [at] vu [dot] nl

Previous staff / guests:

  • Emiel van Miltenburg, PhD student, September 2014 – July 2018
  • Paul Huygen, Scientific Programmer
  • Pia Sommerauer, University Research Fellow 2016-2017
  • Tommaso Caselli, Senior Researcher, September 2014 – September 2017
  • Marieke van Erp, Researcher, March 2013 – September 2017
  • Agata Cybulska, PhD student, 2009 – December 2016
  • Soufyan Belkaïd, University Research Fellow 2015-2016
  • Dr. Rubén Izquierdo Beviá, Senior Researcher, September 2011 – September 2016
  • Alessandro Lopopolo, MA, PhD student, September 2014 – February 2016
  • Anneleen Schoen MA, Researcher, February 2014 – December 2015
  • Attila Görög, Researcher, September 2009 – December 2013
  • Veronica Benigno, PhD of the University of Palermo, Sicily, May – November 2011
  • Egoitz Laparra, PhD of the Basque University, Spain, April – June 2011
  • Francesco Ronzano, PhD of University of Pisa, Italy, May – December 2010

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