Antske Fokkens, Researcher
Prof. dr. Antske Fokkens
Full Professor
Email: antske [dot] fokkens [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Stereotyping & Perspectives, Bias & Methodology, Digital Humanities, Grammar Engineering
Courses: Machine Learning for NLP, Text Mining for Digital Humanities and Social Science, NLP Technology
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Prof. dr. Piek Vossen
Full Professor
Email: piek [dot] vossen [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: AI & Language, Computational Lexicon, Computational Semantics & Pragmatics, Event Extraction and Modelling, Linguistic Long Tail, Reference, Perspectives
Courses: Human Language Technology, (Applied) Text Mining, Communicative Robots, Computational Lexicon

Lisa Beinborn
Dr. Lisa Beinborn
Assistant Professor
Email: l [dot] beinborn [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Cognitively Inspired Language Processing, Multilingual Models, Semantic Shift, NLP for Educational Applications
Courses: Language as Data, Introduction to NLP, Advanced NLP
Hennie van der Vliet
Dr. Hennie van der Vliet
Assistant Professor
Email: h [dot] d [dot] vander [dot] vliet [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: (Lexical) Semantics, Lexicology, Terminology, Term Extraction, Corpus Linguistics
Courses: BA:Introduction in Linguistics, Morphology, Semantics, Data Journalism
MA:Linguistic Research, Technical Translation, Advanced Linguistics

Pia Sommerauer
Dr. Pia Sommerauer
Assistant Professor
University Research Fellow 2016-2017
Email: pia [dot] sommerauer [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Distributional Semantics & Distributional Semantic Models, Model Interpretability, Concept Drift
Course: Python for Text Analysis
Ilia Markov
Dr. Ilia Markov
Assistant Professor
Email: i [dot] markov [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Text Mining, Hate Speech Detection, Opinion Mining, Authorship Analysis

Lucia Donatelli
Dr. Lucia Donatelli
Assistant Professor
Email: l [dot] e [dot] donatelli [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Formal Syntax and Semantics, Computational Semantics, (Situated & Multimodal) Dialogue, Semantic Parsing, Ethics & NLP
Course: Natural Language Processing
Luís de Passos Morgado da Costa
Dr. Luís de Passos Morgado da Costa
Assistant Professor
Email: l.g [dot] de.passos [dot] morgado.da.costa [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing; Educational Technology; Grammatical Error Detection; Computational Lexical Semantics; Syntactic and Semantic Parsing;  Digital Humanities; Chinese NLP
Course: Advanced NLP

Sophie Arnoult
Dr. Sophie Arnoult
Scientific Programmer
Email: sophie [dot] arnoult [at] vu [dot] nl
Research area: Machine Translation
Isa Maks, Researcher
Dr. Isa Maks
Assistant Professor
Email: isa [dot] maks [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas:
Opinion Mining, Sentiment Analysis, Lexical Resources
Courses: BA: Text mining for Digital Humanities and Social Science, Data Journalism MA: Subjectivity mining, Digital Humanities


Angel Daza, PhD
Dr. Angel Daza
Email: j [dot] a [dot] dazaarevalo [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Natural Language Processing, Sentence Semantics, Multilingual Models
Course: Python for Text Analysis, Advanced NLP
Thomas Baier
Thomas Baier, PhD
Email: t [dot] baier [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Communicative Robotics, Affective Computing, AI & Language
Course: Communicative Robots

Enrica Troiano
Dr.des. Enrica Troiano
Email: e [dot] troiano [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Emotion Analysis, Cognitive Modeling, Evaluation of Language Technologies, Perspectivist Data Annotation, Subjectivity in Text


Levi Remijnse, PhD student
Levi Remijnse, MSc
PhD Student
Email: l [dot] remijnse [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Dutch Linguistics, Frame Semantics, Historical Linguistics, Computational Semantics and Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Syntax
Chantal van Son
Chantal van Son, MA
PhD Student
University Research Fellow 2014-2015
Email: c [dot] m [dot] van [dot] son [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Text Mining, Machine Learning, Digital Humanities, Subjectivity Mining, Perspectives, Factuality, Negation, Focus, Information Structure

Selene Báez Santamaría
Selene Báez Santamaría, MSc
PhD Student
University Research Fellow 2017-2018
Email: s [dot] baezsantamaría [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Conversational AI, Knowledge Representation, Communicative robotics
Lea Krause
Lea Krause, MSc
PhD Student
Email: l [dot] krause [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation and Evaluation, Knowledge Representation, Ethics in NLP

Jaap Kruijt, MSc
Jaap Kruijt, MSc
PhD Student
Email: j [dot] m [dot] kruijt [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Communicative robotics, affective computing, semantics and pragmatics
Myrthe Reuver, MSc
Myrthe Reuver, MA MSc
PhD Student
Email: m [dot] e [dot] reuver [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: (Applied) Natural Language Processing, Language models, NLP in Recommender Systems, Diversity in Recommender Systems, Ethics in NLP

Baran Barbarestani
Baran Barbarestani, MSc
PhD student
Email: b [dot] barbarestani [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Toxic language detection, Text mining, Deep learning, Explainability
Urja Khurana
Urja Khurana, MSc
PhD student
Email: u [dot] khurana [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Natural Language Processing, Deep/Machine Learning, Explainable and Generalizable AI, Generative Models, Computer Vision

Stefan Schouten, MSc
Stefan Schouten, MSc
PhD Student
Email: s [dot] f [dot] schouten [at] vu  [dot] nl
Research areas:  Deep / Machine Learning, Knowledge Extraction, Explainability
Wende Tufa
Wende Tufa, MSc
PhD student
Email: w [dot] t [dot] tufa [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Evaluation of Cross-Lingual and Contextual Language Models, Transfer Learning

Stella Verkijk
Stella Verkijk, MA
PhD Student
Email: s [dot] verkijk [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas:  Natural Language Processing, Event Extraction and Modelling, Ontology Engineering, Language Models, Domain Adaptation
Jonathan Kamp
Jonathan Kamp, MA
PhD student
Email: j [dot] b [dot] kamp [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Interpretability in Natural Language Processing, Robustness Testing and Evaluation, Argument Mining, Legal Argumentation

Nina Schneidermann
Nina Schneidermann, MSc
Guest PhD Student
Email: n [dot] skovgaard [dot] schneidermann [at] vu  [dot] nl
Research areas:  Figurative Language Processing, Hyperbole Detection, Linguistic Meaning Representations, Frames
Michiel van der Meer
Michiel van der Meer, MSc
PhD student
Email: m [dot] t [dot] van [dot] der [dot] meer [at] vu [dot] nl
Research areas: Hybrid Intelligence, Language Models, Argument Mining

Previous staff and guests:
  • Dr. Roser Morante Vallejo, Researcher, – May 2022
  • Lieke Gelderloos, Lecturer, March 2021 – August 2021
  • Marten Postma, PhD student and post-doctoral researcher, January 2014 – May 2021
  • Minh Le, PhD student, 2014 – May 2021
  • Filip Ilievski, PhD student, September 2014 – October 2019
  • Bram Kraaijeveld, Student assistant, September 2017 – November 2019
  • Suzana Bašić, University Research Fellow 2018 – 2019
  • Lenka Bajčetić, University Research Fellow 2017 – 2018 & Spinoza project, September 2017 – September 2019
  • Johan Rebel, Researcher, April 2018 – May 2019
  • Roxane Segers, Researcher, – August 2018
  • Emiel van Miltenburg, PhD student, September 2014 – July 2018
  • Selene Kolman, Project Manager, April 2014 – April 2018
  • Paul Huygen, Scientific Programmer
  • Pia Sommerauer, University Research Fellow 2016 – 2017
  • Tommaso Caselli, Senior Researcher, September 2014 – September 2017
  • Marieke van Erp, Researcher, March 2013 – September 2017
  • Agata Cybulska, PhD student, 2009 – December 2016
  • Soufyan Belkaïd, University Research Fellow 2015 – 2016
  • Dr. Rubén Izquierdo Beviá, Senior Researcher, September 2011 – September 2016
  • Alessandro Lopopolo, MA, PhD student, September 2014 – February 2016
  • Anneleen Schoen MA, Researcher, February 2014 – December 2015
  • Attila Görög, Researcher, September 2009 – December 2013
  • Veronica Benigno, PhD of the University of Palermo, Sicily, May – November 2011
  • Egoitz Laparra, PhD of the Basque University, Spain, April – June 2011
  • Francesco Ronzano, PhD of University of Pisa, Italy, May – December 2010