Wordnet-tools is a collection of functions that operate on wordnets (Fellbaum 1998, Vossen et al. 1998) represented in Wordnet-LMF format (Vossen et al. 2013).

The following functions are provided:

  1. Apply one of the following similarity measures to a pair of words or synsets:  path, Jiang Conrath, Leacock & Chodorow, Resnik, Lin, Wu & Palmer
  2. Create a cumulated frequencies for lowest common subsumbers (wordnet hypernyms) from a corpus frequency file: takes a list of words with corpus frequencies and accumulates these frequencies to the full wordnet hierarchy, passing it to the hypernyms of each meaning of the word. The output is a file with hypernym synset ids and their cumulated frequencies. This file is used by various semantic similarity measures (Resnik 1995).
  3. Derive the average depth of the full hierarchy using the hypernym relations:
  4. Calculate the depth for a synset and/or the number of children
  5. Create a subhierarchy of wordnet for a restricted set of input words
  6. Tag a file in the KYOTO Annotation Format with all the meanings of the Wordnet-LMF file
  7. Create a ontotag file from set of labeled hypernym synsets

WordnetTools is licensed under GNU GPL v3.

Wordnet-tools is compiled on Mac OS X version 10.6.8 with Java 1.6.

The source code can be downloaded through:


If you use our work please use the following reference for acknowledgement:

Marten Postma and Piek Vossen: What implementation and translation teach us: the case of semantic similarity measures in wordnets. Proceedings of the 7th Global Wordnet Conference, Tartu, Estonia, 2014.

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