Excited about the 3rd Meet & Greet CLTL-masterstudents and Industry on Dec. 3, 2020

Every 1 or 2 year in December (2017 and 2019 and 2020) we are organizing a CLTL Meet & Greet where companies and students can exchange ideas and get to know each other.

This is an excellent opportunity to introduce your company or organization to Human Language Technology and Text Mining students, and for master students to present their research topic or area of expertise to you. The one-year Master Text Mining and the two-year Research Master Human Language Technology are programs by CLTL, one of the world’s leading research institutes in Human Language technology.

This year, we are meeting each other in GatherTown, an online, virtual space. The basic idea is: you are an avatar, and walk around in a space. As soon as you get close to someone else, your webcams turns on, allowing for conversation. This allows for very natural feeling social dynamics: you see someone walking past and join them, or “run into them”, or sub-groups form. Sounds (of people speaking, of a tv playing music) get more distant as you “walk away”.

Our GatherTown is a CLTL Poster Space. We have poster boards for 13 companies, and hung their poster there. Each company representative can stand at their poster, and students standing near there will hear the presenter. This allows for students to walk from poster to poster. Near the front of the room is a microphone. When you stand on it, your webcam (and, if you are sharing a screen, your screen) is broadcast to the entire room. This will be the place for room-wide presentations. We also made several tables where students and company representatives can sit and get to know eachother. Only people sitting at the table will hear one-another, a more natural form of a “break-out room”. We also have set up a table with student portfolios, so companies can get to know students as well.

We are excited to meet everybody and see everybody mingle @ the Meet&Greet2020!

Program December 3, 2020:

  • 13.45 – 14.00 walk-in
  • 14.00  Welcome by Professor Piek Vossen (head of CLTL)
  • 14.10  Internship procedures and details (Hennie van der Vliet)
  • 14.15  Short introduction Gather Town (Myrthe Reuvers)
  • 14.20  Last year’s experiences (students András Aponyi and Klaudia Bartosiak)
  • 14.30  Poster session 1: 
  • 15.15  Last year’s experiences (hosting organization: Zoltán Slávik/MyTomorrows)
  • Short break & walk around and meet people
  • 15.30 Poster session 2:
  • 16.15  walk around, meet people
  • 17.00  end of meeting

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