Cornetto (A Combinatoric and Relational Network for Language Technology): Nederlandse Taalunie/Stevin-programma STE05039 (2006-2008)

Project coordinator of the extension of the Dutch wordnet with combinatoric and referential relations based on usage of words within domains. Cornetto was an initiative of Vossen and the VU University of Amsterdam to combine the Dutch wordnet and the Referentie Bestand Nederlands (RBN, a Dutch database with combinatoric information of Dutch word meanings) in a unique resource for Dutch. Cornetto covers 40K entries, including the most generic and central part of the language. The database goes beyond the structure and content of Wordnet and FrameNet.

The Cornetto database is available for download: free for non-commercial use and euro 15.000,= for commercial use.

A Cornetto demo is also available.

Please find Cornetto documentation here.
And RBN (Referentie Bestand Nederlands) documentation here.

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