• Ontotagger: a Java module that can read a NAF or KAF file and adds ontological labels to the term layer on the basis of wordnet synset identifier or lemma matches and a mapping table to ontological types.
  • EventCoreference: a software package with a collection of event coreference functions.
  • Kybot: a Java library that reads and writes KAF and NAF files and tries to extract information from the layers based on patterns.
  • MultiwordTagger: a module that reads the terms in a NAF representation of a text and searches for multiword sequences of terms in the English WordNet.
  • KafSaxParser: a Java library that reads and writes KAF and NAF files.
  • WordNetTools: a collection of functions that operate on wordnets (Fellbaum 1998, Vossen et al. 1998) represented in Wordnet-LMF format (Vossen et al. 2013).
  • KafNafAnnotator: a program that can be used to annotate KAF or NAF files with any tag set.

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