Cornetto-LMF-RDF(Curated Cornetto database in LMF and RDF): a CLARIN project (2012-2014)

Project coordinator of Cornetto-LMF-RDF, which is a combined curation and demonstrator project in which the Dutch Cornetto database is converted to LMF and RDF and made available on a CLARIN Centre for efficient querying. As a semantic resource in which words and concepts are interlinked within the data and to other databases (e.g. wordnets in other languages and ontologies) this project will address many issues on the representation of meaning and user-queries to these data, such as the complex data structure (semantic and structural) and semantic linkage, such as hypernym chains of concepts or semantic typing of words.

The project will combine a new release of Cornetto (version 2) with the data from DutchSemCor (a semantic annotation of text corpora) and a Dutch sentiment lexicon. The results are presented in LMF and the wordnet part also in RDF and SKOS. This bridges the standardization and metadata requirements of ISO and W3C.