We offer two master programs and a number of courses on bachelor and master level:

Master Programs

Read more about the application procedure and do not hesitate to contact our program coordinator Hennie van der Vliet (h.d.vander.vliet [at]  if you have any questions.

MA Text Mining (1 year program):

Our one-year MA program in Text Mining trains students in applying Human Language Technology to real-world use-cases in a variety of domains. Hands-on practice in interdisciplinary settings are central to this program. Students have a number of exciting career options in industry and usually complete their final thesis as part of an internship at a company or organization. If you would like to learn more about this program, please visit MA Text mining and have a look at what our students are up to now. Learn more about career opportunities and what recent graduates are doing now here

Specialization Human Language Technology in the Research Master Humanities (2 year program):

This program trains students in the fundamentals of Natural Language Processing/Computational Linguistics. It is open for students who hold a bachelor degree in either Linguistics or Computer Science and is mainly targeted at students with a strong interest and motivation in research. Career prospects include research positions in academia and industry. For more information, please visit Human Language Technology and read about our recent graduates and what they are up to now


MA course Methods of authorship analysis in the ReMA specialization Forensic Linguistics:

This course examines different questions about authorship that (computational) linguists can (and cannot) answer, reviews different methods or authorship analysis and combines qualitative and quantitative perspectives. To learn more about the specialization, please visit Forensic Linguistics.

Bachelor Minor Digital Humanities: 

The sources and objects studied in history, media, literature, linguistics, music are increasingly becoming available digitally. In the minor Digital Humanities and Social Analytics you will learn how to create, interpret and analyze different types of data collections using computational tools. Please visit Minor Digital Humanities and Social Analytics to learn more about this minor. 

Bachelor course Introduction to Text Mining:

This course offers an overview of core topics in Text Mining. Check out the final projects our students have worked on.

Graduates and Careers

Students who graduate from our programs usually find positions in industry and academia. Have a look at what our recent graduates are up to here.