Wordnet Graphs

Wordnet graphs on GitHub — Images by Emiel van Miltenburg
Wordnet_GraphWordnet Graph ‘entity’ by Emiel van Miltenburg. The graph shows the concreteness of nouns in WordNet. From: Emiel’s blog post on So you want to draw a WordNet graph? June 22, 2014.

The graphs show the concreteness of nouns in WordNet. Each file represents a separate lexname. Concrete nouns have links in yellow, while abstract nouns have links in red. These visualizations were made using Python and d3.js.

Some observations:

  • Lexname can be a strong indicator for the abstractness/concreteness of the nouns.
  • Branches usually become more concrete towards the leaf nodes.
  • There are often ‘concrete branches’ and ‘abstract branches’.

Comments on the interpretation of these graphs are very welcome!

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