Computer Facilities


CLTL uses computers (actually Virtual Machines) on a permanent basis, as well as on temporary basis for projects. For computing on a still bigger scale, CLTL uses SURFsara’s Hadoop service and the Lisa Supercomputer.

Permanent VMs

1. UCIT/CloudVPS

name purpose CPU RAM Disk
Uccie NLP Processing server 4 16 40
Lettie Website server 1 1 20

2. UCIT/sciCloud

name purpose CPU RAM Disk
Kyoto Development 8 64 489
DEBVisDic Web service 2 16 75

Project VMs

Temporary VMs have been employed and are being employed to perform computing on large amounts of data and to perform computing that requires a large amount of ram.

CLTL MeetingCLTL weekly meeting.

Paul Huygen modalities coffee-machinesPaul presenting modalities of coffee-machines to choose from for the CLTL offices.

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