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NWO Project granted: CLARIAH

CLARIAH (Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities) project granted by NWO in the National Roadmap for Large-Scale Research Facilities programme.

CLARIAH is developing a digital infrastructure that brings together large collections of data and software from different humanities disciplines. This will enable humanities researchers, from historians, literature experts and archaeologists to linguists, speech technologists and media scientists – to investigate cross-disciplinary questions, for example about culture and societal change. CLARIAH has received 12 million euros for the development of research instruments and the training of scientists. This project is vitally important for the development of the humanities in the Netherlands; a digital revolution is taking place that will drastically change how humanities research is done. The potential societal impact of this is also considerable.

CLARIAH (Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities)
CLARIAH: BIG DATA, GRAND CHALLENGES background article (pdf).

Organisations involved (applicants): Huygens ING, International Institute for Social History, Meertens Institute, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, DANS, Radboud University Nijmegen, Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam. Project leader: Prof. A.F. (Lex) Heerma van Voss.

Piek Vossen part of core team CLARIAH Prof. dr. Piek Vossen is part of the CLARIAH core team.

CLARIAH | NWO-programma Nationale Roadmap on YouTube (in Dutch)

CLARIAH kickoff 2015 on YouTube (in Dutch)

Release Cornetto Demo

Cornetto is a lexical resource for the Dutch language which combines two resources with different semantic organisations: the Dutch Wordnet with its synset organisation and the Dutch Reference Lexicon which includes definitions, usage constraints, selectional restrictions, syntactic behaviours, illustrative contexts, etc. For more information on the contents of Cornetto, see Cornetto user documentation.

Cornetto — Demo by INL, VU University and CLARIN-NLCornetto DemoCornetto demo. Visualization of Synset Relations of the Dutch Word Form: ‘bloem’, Part of Speech: Noun, Sense Number: 3.

The Cornetto demo provides possibilities to query the resource by choosing one of the following options:

Simple Search for Lexical Entries
Advanced Search for Lexical Entries
Visualization of Synset Relations

Cornetto is also available in XML (following the Lexicon Markup Format) and RDF (for more information, please refer to Open Source WordNet).

The Cornetto demo is realized as part of the Cornetto-LMF-RDF project, which has been funded by CLARIN-NL (