NLeSC Project granted: Visualizing uncertainty and perspectives

Visualizing uncertainty and perspectives: Netherlands eScience Center, project number 027.014.402 (April 01, 2015 – April 01, 2016)


The Netherlands eScience Center is pleased to announce the initiation of six new projects in the areas of Environment and Sustainability, Life Sciences & eHealth, Humanities and Social Sciences and Physics and Beyond. The projects, scheduled to start in 2015, are collaborations with research teams from multiple Dutch academic groups and represent the latest step in the continued development of NLeSC’s project portfolio. Two projects will be funded in the areas of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Visualizing uncertainty and perspectives
Prof. Piek Vossen and Antske Fokkens are co-applicants of the project “Visualizing uncertainty and perspectives”: one of the six proposals that will receive funding to the value of 125K euro. This project aims to develop a tool that visualizes subjectivity, perspective and uncertainty to make them controllable variables in Humanities research. The tool should allow users to compare information from different sources representing alternative perspectives and visualize subjectivity and uncertainty. Such a visualization enables improved and comprehensive source criticism, provides new directions of research and strengthens the methodology of digital humanities.

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